“ Branding Is Something That Never Ends, But Rather Is Constantly Evolving. Because We, As Humans, Are Constantly Evolving”

A Logo is the foundation of your entire brand.
Unfortunately, we do judge a book by its cover and therefore your Brand Identity is the first element that will determine how your brand is perceived to your audience. Right from the name and the logo, to the business stationery, to even the packaging design or your office space design - everything forms an impression! Having a great, uniformed design aesthetic across all your collaterals - overall forms your Brand Identity. It’s not only about the logo design.

In other words, nailing your brand identity means building a successful business that is an exact representation of who you are as a brand and will therefore attain the right audience.

Brand Identity is all the above and so much more! At The Design Bay Studio we provide a step by step process to creating a logo. We begin with getting a detailed brief about your company and what you perceive your Brand to be. After this, we have a brainstorming session that breaks down your Brand into a relatable Logo Design and Concept. Most of our options get finalised within the second round of sending logos and then before you know it, your done!

Get your Brand “DNA” of sorts, structured and specifically created for you at The Design Bay Studio.